Thursday, 5 November 2009

War and Peace between dogs, lover and I

I have two dogs (Eva and Leo) and one boyfriend. The boyfriend loves the dogs more than me. Why do I say that? Because the dogs get cuddled, get touched, get kisses and hugs and sweet words about 90% more than I do.

Eva, our Caucasian Ovcharka when she was 2 months old (now she is 8 months old)

Leo, our Alaskan Malamute who is 8 months old here (he is 3 now)

A lot of times, I am jealous of the dogs which is pathetic, but it is the truth. I realize that it is not the dogs' fault about the intimacy problems that my bf and I have, but they are one of the biggest contributors to our problems.

The dogs, whom I love very much and are the cutest things in the world, are also the source of many of our fights and emotional gaps. The dogs are also the source of our fun times, they make us laugh and bring peace when we are in the middle of a fight, they make us feel better, they make us feel united and love each other more sometimes.

Isn't she the most adorable thing?

They are our war and peace. I wonder, how many other couples out there are going through the same thing. How many other couples get a dog and start losing their romance because the dog becomes their child, responsibilities kick in and you start not going out because you cannot leave the dog alone, start fighting over how expensive the food is, who takes him out, who cleans after the pee, etc.

If you are a new couple and have just started living with each other, I would suggest to never get a dog, unless you have clear, concise rules and agreements on how things will be. Otherwise, you are in for a War and Peace novel of your own.

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