Wednesday, 11 November 2009

I once saw...

I once saw a beautiful sunrise,
the cooling light warming the darkness,
the cigarette burning my fingers,
and the whisky burning my throat,
instilling the memory even deeper in,
haunting me today still.

I once cried the night out,
the pain was loud,
the sobs were quiet,
the heart was running,
trying to escape,
and I saw you,
staring back at me from an old photograph,

I once had a revelation,
a moment of lucidness
amidst the dark clouds of my confusion.
I saw the light of my passions,
the warmth of my hobbies,
the aura of my inspirations,
and for a moment,
my fear of failure was gone.

I once did all those things,
but when will I see them again?.

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