Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Areaware Vinyl Decals: New Coolest Discovery

Hello inexistent readers,

I found a new cool website (thanks to Liberty London Girl) containing the coolest decorative stuff for the house. I was happy to find in her post a place where I could browse (but no way purchase, in my present financial status) and lust after these beautiful, innovative decor ways. I first discovered the existence of these wall stencils two years ago when my new roommates who took over my house, had found this beautiful flower sticker at Dollarama and it looked awesome. I could not believe it. However, since then, I have seen some on Ikea but their prices could not compare with the one dollar. Needless to say, Areaware is a website with quirky things and amazing wall decorations in the form of vinyl decals. The most amazing thing about this website is the variety and quirkiness of their products. They have everything, from jewellery to stuffed toys, plastic toys, furniture, clothes, alarm clocks and of most importantly, a vast collection of decals.

I think this company has come up with a very innovative and lucrative product. In a way, the decals are portable, easy-to-use, fast and clean murals. Who needs to pay hundreds of dollars to a painter for a mural when you can just buy one for a more affordable price and even take it with you when you move to your next home? This might just make some painters go out of a job....
However, the big decals come at a steep price, maybe one that is even higher than what you would pay a painter so I don't know what the future holds for decals. But I can say this, I am definitely hooked. This company is just so creative, so unique, thoughtful and original in expression that I think it is more than worth the money. As long as they don't start overcharging, then they are just another big name with inflated prices.

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Sam stratzi said...

These some beautiful vinyl decals. I have seen something similar in Toronto but this one is amazing.
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