Sunday, 1 November 2009

Happy Halloween

If your skies are blue and starry where you are tonight, then you are lucky (here there is some kind of windy storm that almost made two really skinny girls fly away) and to commemorate a fantastic Halloween night with beautiful, crisp weather, enjoy the sounds of my new favourite song: Under the Milky Way by Sia.
Sia is an Aussie with a unique voice and outlandish personality and lots of talent, a talent that you can enjoy in her beautiful cover of the song Under the Milky Way by The Church (another Aussie band of the 80's).

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The Anthology said...

Thanks for your kind note on my guest post on DreamSequins -- I have to admit, I don't actually do my hemming myself. I take all my pieces to a tailor (I don't trust myself with a sewing machine). Plus, it's just easier that way.

* Kelsey