Monday, 15 October 2012

Entangled in your web,
I cry.
Amongst your sheets,
I scream.
Wrapped in your arms,
I lie,
Breathing your love,
I dream.

I found you on a tuesday night,
made love to you on wednesday,
cried like an idiot by 4 am thursday,
became one with you on friday.

Saturday came and rolled without you,
sunday found me back to you.
Monday came and went with you,
Tuesday and wednesday again us two.

Who would have thought that you,
a specimen entirely different from me,
a boy man of twenty five,
would make me feel complete?

I am not saying,
that this week has not been amazing.
But some things are to be devoured quickly,
savoured at the moment,
then discarded appropriately.

Now you are a memory one week gone,
and the smell of your skin on mine,
all washed.
But our times spent together will always be found,
in my memory lanes, in a special corner;

Colour Me Green

Green, used to be my favourite colour in high school...chose it as a career in university, then somewhere in the maze of life, I got lost and believed it was not possible as a destination. Now Green has re-appeared in my life and with it, hope. But, Green is also still far-fetched, still a dream. My background is Geography, more accurately, Geography and Earth Sciences with a Special Focus on Urban Planning. In reality, I have no such focus. The focus was more of the type of classes I was taking in my last year of university. Then I added my minor of Economics which I then turned into a major, something that still requires me to finish one class for me to be eligible for my B.A. My academic failures are being felt, even more so now in my desire to change or define a career path. I would like to pursue a master's but who would accept me with such marks? And to find a job in the sustainability market seems as feasible as flying to the moon. Or is it? Canada talks of a growing green job market, but U.S. seems the real force behind it. What do I do, o-internet-world? How do I approach this? How do I win this? I hope Green can answer...

In retrospect, I wish I had never fallen in love and that I had actually stayed for my OAC year. But alas, we cannot change the past, only the present. And my present, seems adamant to want to stay stagnant...despite my many futile attempts.