Monday, 26 October 2009

Honey Honey

Honey honey up in the trees
Fields of flowers deep in his dreams
Lead them out to sea by the east
Honey honey food for the bees

Honey honey out on the sea
In the doldrums thinking of me
Me on dry land thinking of he
Honey honey not next to me

Even if he wanted to
Even if he wanted to
Even if he wanted to
Do you think he'd come back
Would he come back

Oh no..

Honey honey out on the sea
In the doldrums waiting for me
Me in my boat searching for he
Honey honey food for the bees

I have been in love with this song for quite some time now. Not only are the music and lyrics so hauntingly beautiful, but the video even more so. It was the 2008 winner for best video.
You can listen to it here since for some reason embedding is not allowed.

Be enchanted, dear readers!

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Cool Things

This would be a nice thing to have on a corner of the room. It might even work as a clothes sculpture, room design :D

Credit: interesting website called
I waste most of my time there

Am Loving It!

I think I will make a section on things that am loving at the moment. You lovely, nonexistent-but-future-loving-readers, can even put in your two bits by telling me what YOU are currently loving too.

Balenciaga Fall RTW 2009
Why: It has beautiful lines, flowing, shiny; reminds me of a gorgeous Art Deco piece of art.

Balenciaga again
Why: because I love everything that is silky shiny and drapy and most of all: reminiscent of 40's-50s style.

Bottega Veneta Fall 2009 RTW
Why: just plain beautiful, dreamy

Lanvin Fall RTW 2009
Why: it would be very useful for winter weather in Montreal

Sunday, 18 October 2009

"Obama's Secret Service"

You can count on to entertain you with pictures of the weirdest people out there shopping in Walmart. One was pretty funny; hence, the title :)

Friday, 16 October 2009

After seeing the movie

So as I said in my previous post, I got tickets to see the movie United Red Army being shown in the Festival Nouveau Cinema in Montreal and I do not know what to say except that it was too long and too boring. The beginning was interesting enough with facts being shown here and there, names and ages of participants (facts that were too many to remember), real videos taken of the rebellion in the 60s and 70s and then a few shots of the actors portraying the characters of the time. Then after an hour of that, the movie began by showing only the actors portraying members of the RAF and RLF, student activists-turned-extremists who oppose the American foreign policy of Japan and want to stop war and capitalism. They want to be communists. They decide to go to the woods to prepare themselves for battle by getting military training, except they had not calculated one thing: cabin fever. I say cabin fever because quite honestly that is what happens, they all lose it and start killing each other in the name of "self-critique". "You put make up on? Criticize yourself", meaning hit yourself till you die. It was just a screwed up movie that was too long, the drama moments too prolonged and the acting third-rate. However, I have to give credit on the subject, in the sense that it showed exactly what stupid idealism can do to a person and how we can easily lose our minds with ideologies and shit like that.
Anyway, my friend and I were extremely disappointed and were making fun of it the whole time (which was the only good part of the whole experience) and decided to stay and watch the whole thing while most people kept on leaving not even half an hr after the moving started.

So this is it, I am so disappointed about this, I don't even care what am writing, am just ranting.

Regardless, it was interesting to see a part of Japan that I was not aware of, meaning the brutality of the times and the corruption of its state.

See ya later, inexistent readers!

Thursday, 15 October 2009

"United Red Army"

I just won two tickets to see the movie "United Red Army" at the Festival Nouveau Cinema in Montreal from here and am so excited. The movie is at 6pm so I must hurry to finish my work and get ready. I will post my review after I come back from the movie. C ya laterrr!

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Let's talk about Roger Vivier

I was reading on 1930s shoes and discovered a familiar name: Roger Vivier
Did you know that he was famous in the '30s? I didn't, but am even happier that he was because now I understand where some of the genius, the elegance and beauty might come from. For those not familiar with him, Vivier is the man who invented the stiletto heel (during the shortage era) and who is known as the Faberge of shoe-making, meaning he is the most exquisite, luxurious shoe-maker. I was not aware of this when I fell in love with his shoes four months ago and only lately did I realize what an icon he is.

I was looking through his Fall 2009 collection and am amazed at the art he produces. How I wish I could afford them. If there is one part of fashion I have always admired, it has always been shoes. I remember when I was nine-years-old, playing with my brothers as a school teacher, I would force them to draw shoes and then I would draw them myself and show them the princess designs seen in anime. I grew up poor during communism, but even then was dreaming about shoes. Now that am 25 and still poor, with love for simplicity and frugality in life, I can sincerely say that I would not mind splurging in a beautiful piece of art like a shoe.

I feel like shoes are walking-pieces-of-art, a constant accompaniment of beauty, elegance; right at your feet. You spilled something on your dress? No worry, just look at your beautiful shoes, they take the pain away.
I find all the above emotions to be encapsulated in the designs of Roger Vivier, which is why he is my absolute favourite (not that I know many, truthfully).

Just look at these. These are like a baroque painting of a serene nature with decadent flowers and delicate bows.

Who needs jewels when you got Roger Vivier crystal shoes?
Accessories? Forget that, just get a pair of Vivier Spring 2009 pumps


I have always been a fan of Vogue, mainly because of the gorgeous photographs of even more gorgeous clothes. Vogue symbolized to me true class, true fashion, and the biggest truth: big bucks. Vogue is the epitome of luxurious clothing which means that the common people like me and you cannot afford them but just admire them.

OMG, it just started snowing. I know it is out of topic, but it is October 14, Montreal and it is already snowing. This is unbelievable.

Anyway, back to blogging. As I was saying, Vogue means expensive clothes worn by rich, fashionable people showing other rich (maybe not fashionable) people how to dress. I would subscribe to Vogue if only for its photographs and treasure it just like I treasure my National Geographics. This only because I consider them works of art. Each picture is so beautiful, so thought-evoking, so artistic and meaningful that you cannot only categorize it as a fashion advertisement. I thought of including some vintage Vogue photographs that I found on Flickr by myvintagevogue and that spoke to me beyond the sultriness of the dresses and its beautiful models. I also found a Vintage Vogue covers website that features not photographs but old paintings depicting fashionable garments of those times. They actually are very pretty and I think I might just steal some and put them up here (citing the website, of course).

Now, here come the parade of vintage fashion...
The fabulous 1950s

What beautiful designs!!!

WOW! What an era...

Ava Gardner, 1954
Ah, how I love her..

I wanna go back to those timessssss!!!!

A room for a quarter!!??

I subscribe to National Geographic's Intelligent Travel Blog and everyday I get interesting news in the mail. The following was included in today's updates and I was so pleasantly surprised and happy, that I thought I should share it with those who love traveling like I do. Isn't this an amazing thing? Now all I have to do is find a job and get me some money... bahhhhh! Why can't i just be rich? :(

St. Croix from

"A room for a quarter? To celebrate the launch of the U.S. Virgin Islands' United States quarter, some hotels are offering a "Cent-sational Promotion." Travelers who book up to three nights at a participating hotel through November 2 (travel dates through November 15) on can stay for 25 cents each night, receive a $25 per person dining credit, as well as a $25 per person activities credit. I say: here's to saving quarters! For more information, click here. [EON]"

P.S. I just copied the whole piece as it was written, along with the links because 1) am lazy; 2) it is better written that I would have done. 

Change of direction!?

Ok people, it has been almost 6 days that I have discovered the world of fashion blogosphere and while am a bit overwhelmed about how many fashion blogs are out there (and how creative most of them are), I have also noticed one thing: fashion blogs are a gold mine for meeting new people, making new fans, get you free stuff and even give you a career. After this discovery, I have decided to forget about serious articles on books, science, environment and other boring stuff that apparently others are not so interested in and decide to focus a LOT on fashion. However, since there are too many fashion blogs out there, I will just make mine about Montreal fashion and since I suck at creating but I excel at criticizing, I will just bash the fashion creations of others. My goodness, am already excited as I anticipate a slurry of humorous bashing on quite a few atrocious designs, outfits I have been noticing lately. Seriously, what the heck is with people following blindly anything that "looks" fashionable but just doesn't look good? Being daring does not equal being elegant or looking good, dammit.

Regardless, I have found some pretty good sources of ugly fashion, starting with Victoria Beckham who in my opinion, just overdoes it. I guess lack of a personality needs overcompensation in something appearance.

Anyway, this is a notice and a warning to you future readers, future fans of mine: I do not care what you think about my rantings, don't care whether you agree, don't care whether you think I have good taste (I think I have awesome taste but am aware that am a prude and a simple-and-elegant-fan) and most importantly, will not take care of some people's negative comments but just simply ignore them since am AWESOME (while wallowing in self-pity later on).

Friday, 9 October 2009

"The Age of Reason"

I am currently reading "The Age of Reason" by Jean-Paul Sartre, have been wanting to read him for a while but only recently found a cheap one that I could get my hands on and immediately I noticed that his style is very much what I imagined it to be: poetic realism.

It reminded me of Erich Maria Remarque (who is my absolute favourite but that might change as I continue to explore other writers from the Lost Generation) in the way he describes the details; like objects in the room, the characters and their clothes, the lighting, everything. The vivid imagery is alive in his book and oh-so-captivating, it invites you in, it makes you sit down on a comfy couch and experience it all, as if you are a translucent, transcendent being that can see everything, can experience everything; all through the power of his words. For some reason, I felt connected to every single line I was reading in the book and it must have been the realism of the human emotions that he conveys, that he describes. The philosophical analysis of conscience and love and relationships hits hard on my own life since currently, I seem to be doing a lot of that. I think one always analyzes philosophically their life, their actions, their situation whenever what they are experiencing is troubling, problematic and sleep-depriving.

I would like to share a couple of paragraphs that have left an impression and the desire to write them down (and maybe even leave them as a note to my boyfriend to make him realize how I feel, maybe Sartre's words will do the trick in making him understand).

"Well, it's that same lucidity you fuss about so much. You're so absurdly scared of being your own dupe, my poor boy, that you would back out of the finest adventure in the world rather than risk telling yourself a lie." p.13 (I can relate, my poor self :(! )

-"You think I'm lying to myself?"
-"No--anyway, one can't ever know. But I don't think so. Still, do you know what I do believe? That you are beginning to sterilize yourself a little. I thought that today. Everything is so neat and tidy in your mind; it smells of clean linen; it's as though you had just come out of a drying-room. But there's a want of shade. There's nothing useless, or hesitant, or underhand about you now. It's all high noon. And don't tell me this is all for my benefit. You're moving down your own incline; you've acquired the taste for self-analysis" p.14

The dialog is between Mathieu and Marcelle, they are lovers and she is about to tell him that she is pregnant, the first time this has happened in 7 years (which from the many times it is repeated, seems to be a pretty big thing in those times, it appears people got pregnant all the time :s). She is the one analyzing him and telling him that he has started sterilizing himself (I thought that was genius :D).

Anyway, will continue reading now and write down some more paragraphs tomorrow. Good night, readers of all ages whether of reason or illusions :)

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Blogging the blogs!

Today, in another successful attempt at evading job search, I found some amazing blogs and lost myself for hours reading through them. I am not a fashionista, but I do like fashion and pretty things. The following blogs I discovered by chance and I was transfixed looking at the gorgeous shoes, beautiful arrangements of clothes and amazing photos. My favourite one so far is also a very famous one, a blog of a 17-year-old fashionista who already has her own line with Urban Outfitters only because of her blogging. This girl has amazing style, beautiful hair, handy amount of money and a very cool mother with whom she shares clothes and shopping experiences (not to mention the fair skin, sirens eyes and warm smile). I am including a couple of pictures featuring my favourite outfits from what I saw so far. Enjoy Sea of Shoes, everybody!

Jane and her mother. I think they are both so cute

I love the necklace and the belt...

I am in love with those sandals...Ahhhh, money!!! :(

For those wondering about the shoes, again they are Dries van Noten, same as above.

P.S. After I took a look at the preview of the post, I noticed that I look like a stalker somehow...Oh well, fashion allows it :D