Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Change of direction!?

Ok people, it has been almost 6 days that I have discovered the world of fashion blogosphere and while am a bit overwhelmed about how many fashion blogs are out there (and how creative most of them are), I have also noticed one thing: fashion blogs are a gold mine for meeting new people, making new fans, get you free stuff and even give you a career. After this discovery, I have decided to forget about serious articles on books, science, environment and other boring stuff that apparently others are not so interested in and decide to focus a LOT on fashion. However, since there are too many fashion blogs out there, I will just make mine about Montreal fashion and since I suck at creating but I excel at criticizing, I will just bash the fashion creations of others. My goodness, am already excited as I anticipate a slurry of humorous bashing on quite a few atrocious designs, outfits I have been noticing lately. Seriously, what the heck is with people following blindly anything that "looks" fashionable but just doesn't look good? Being daring does not equal being elegant or looking good, dammit.

Regardless, I have found some pretty good sources of ugly fashion, starting with Victoria Beckham who in my opinion, just overdoes it. I guess lack of a personality needs overcompensation in something appearance.

Anyway, this is a notice and a warning to you future readers, future fans of mine: I do not care what you think about my rantings, don't care whether you agree, don't care whether you think I have good taste (I think I have awesome taste but am aware that am a prude and a simple-and-elegant-fan) and most importantly, will not take care of some people's negative comments but just simply ignore them since am AWESOME (while wallowing in self-pity later on).

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