Wednesday, 14 October 2009


I have always been a fan of Vogue, mainly because of the gorgeous photographs of even more gorgeous clothes. Vogue symbolized to me true class, true fashion, and the biggest truth: big bucks. Vogue is the epitome of luxurious clothing which means that the common people like me and you cannot afford them but just admire them.

OMG, it just started snowing. I know it is out of topic, but it is October 14, Montreal and it is already snowing. This is unbelievable.

Anyway, back to blogging. As I was saying, Vogue means expensive clothes worn by rich, fashionable people showing other rich (maybe not fashionable) people how to dress. I would subscribe to Vogue if only for its photographs and treasure it just like I treasure my National Geographics. This only because I consider them works of art. Each picture is so beautiful, so thought-evoking, so artistic and meaningful that you cannot only categorize it as a fashion advertisement. I thought of including some vintage Vogue photographs that I found on Flickr by myvintagevogue and that spoke to me beyond the sultriness of the dresses and its beautiful models. I also found a Vintage Vogue covers website that features not photographs but old paintings depicting fashionable garments of those times. They actually are very pretty and I think I might just steal some and put them up here (citing the website, of course).

Now, here come the parade of vintage fashion...
The fabulous 1950s

What beautiful designs!!!

WOW! What an era...

Ava Gardner, 1954
Ah, how I love her..

I wanna go back to those timessssss!!!!

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zodiac taurus said...

"I wanna go back those times" edhe ti?