Friday, 16 October 2009

After seeing the movie

So as I said in my previous post, I got tickets to see the movie United Red Army being shown in the Festival Nouveau Cinema in Montreal and I do not know what to say except that it was too long and too boring. The beginning was interesting enough with facts being shown here and there, names and ages of participants (facts that were too many to remember), real videos taken of the rebellion in the 60s and 70s and then a few shots of the actors portraying the characters of the time. Then after an hour of that, the movie began by showing only the actors portraying members of the RAF and RLF, student activists-turned-extremists who oppose the American foreign policy of Japan and want to stop war and capitalism. They want to be communists. They decide to go to the woods to prepare themselves for battle by getting military training, except they had not calculated one thing: cabin fever. I say cabin fever because quite honestly that is what happens, they all lose it and start killing each other in the name of "self-critique". "You put make up on? Criticize yourself", meaning hit yourself till you die. It was just a screwed up movie that was too long, the drama moments too prolonged and the acting third-rate. However, I have to give credit on the subject, in the sense that it showed exactly what stupid idealism can do to a person and how we can easily lose our minds with ideologies and shit like that.
Anyway, my friend and I were extremely disappointed and were making fun of it the whole time (which was the only good part of the whole experience) and decided to stay and watch the whole thing while most people kept on leaving not even half an hr after the moving started.

So this is it, I am so disappointed about this, I don't even care what am writing, am just ranting.

Regardless, it was interesting to see a part of Japan that I was not aware of, meaning the brutality of the times and the corruption of its state.

See ya later, inexistent readers!


eni said...

i hate to be disappointed by films:(

Ocean drift... said...

I knowww, especially when you go there with such expectations.
If there is one movie I would suggest from the film festival, is one called Two Lines. It is a turkish movie so most probably you would be able to understand it without subtitles :)

Ocean drift... said...

I forgot to add the link where you can check it out lol