Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Let's talk about Roger Vivier

I was reading on 1930s shoes and discovered a familiar name: Roger Vivier
Did you know that he was famous in the '30s? I didn't, but am even happier that he was because now I understand where some of the genius, the elegance and beauty might come from. For those not familiar with him, Vivier is the man who invented the stiletto heel (during the shortage era) and who is known as the Faberge of shoe-making, meaning he is the most exquisite, luxurious shoe-maker. I was not aware of this when I fell in love with his shoes four months ago and only lately did I realize what an icon he is.

I was looking through his Fall 2009 collection and am amazed at the art he produces. How I wish I could afford them. If there is one part of fashion I have always admired, it has always been shoes. I remember when I was nine-years-old, playing with my brothers as a school teacher, I would force them to draw shoes and then I would draw them myself and show them the princess designs seen in anime. I grew up poor during communism, but even then was dreaming about shoes. Now that am 25 and still poor, with love for simplicity and frugality in life, I can sincerely say that I would not mind splurging in a beautiful piece of art like a shoe.

I feel like shoes are walking-pieces-of-art, a constant accompaniment of beauty, elegance; right at your feet. You spilled something on your dress? No worry, just look at your beautiful shoes, they take the pain away.
I find all the above emotions to be encapsulated in the designs of Roger Vivier, which is why he is my absolute favourite (not that I know many, truthfully).

Just look at these. These are like a baroque painting of a serene nature with decadent flowers and delicate bows.

Who needs jewels when you got Roger Vivier crystal shoes?
Accessories? Forget that, just get a pair of Vivier Spring 2009 pumps

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