Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The leaves fall,
one by one,
sometimes two at once,
sometimes three or more.

The hole within me grows,
bit by bit;
sometimes two by two,
sometimes exponentially more.

He has forgotten me,
but I still have him,
inside of me,
inside this memory-ridden conscience.

There is darkness and light,
they fight.
They hate each other,
they love each other,
they're hateful lovers,
they play games under the covers.

I want one as I want the other.
One is always following me,
while the other constantly evades me.
Except for brief periods where it gently lets me capture her,
hold her and caress her,
feel her warmth while she fools me that it will last,
and then, she escapes just as swiftly.

I want her to stay,
but she is fleeting,
capricious like the wind,
transcendent like heaven.

Love, oh you cruel thing!
Your light torments me,
my desire of you consumes me,
my journey to you has exhausted me.

I want your shape to metamorphose,
for the love of a man I now oppose.
I want you to change your cape,
the love of career and money
I want to stake.

I hope our wishes will parallel one day,
for I am tired,
of this constant chase that to win, I pray.