Thursday, 25 March 2010

I had a wonderful dinner at The Keg tonight. I had a t-bone steak accompanied by so-so salad, great Bogle Zinfandel wine and the best company a girl can want, a friend who makes me feel wonderful and loved. 

Lately, I have been absent, I know. But forgive me, inexistent readers, I have been too busy living. I have been busy working 12 hrs everyday, partying, working, partying, get the drift. I have been good, but I have been bad more. I have started living my own story of Anais Nin, a complicated woman of the 1930s who doesn't know what she wants so she tries everything and gets scarred by it. This is me, the quintessential adventurer of feelings and things and people. I love experiencing everything...but it causes trouble.

And I end up bruised, but full of beautiful markings left by the experiences...

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

"Don't you love storms?" - she asked. "Aren't they the most amazing, beautiful thing you can witness? So full of power, intensity, fear, passion....they are like love!"

"They are like you..." - he answered.

Don't you love storms, dear inexistent readers? Don't you love in all its power, intensity, fear, passion and disillusionment?

Don't you love?