Wednesday, 14 October 2009

A room for a quarter!!??

I subscribe to National Geographic's Intelligent Travel Blog and everyday I get interesting news in the mail. The following was included in today's updates and I was so pleasantly surprised and happy, that I thought I should share it with those who love traveling like I do. Isn't this an amazing thing? Now all I have to do is find a job and get me some money... bahhhhh! Why can't i just be rich? :(

St. Croix from

"A room for a quarter? To celebrate the launch of the U.S. Virgin Islands' United States quarter, some hotels are offering a "Cent-sational Promotion." Travelers who book up to three nights at a participating hotel through November 2 (travel dates through November 15) on can stay for 25 cents each night, receive a $25 per person dining credit, as well as a $25 per person activities credit. I say: here's to saving quarters! For more information, click here. [EON]"

P.S. I just copied the whole piece as it was written, along with the links because 1) am lazy; 2) it is better written that I would have done. 

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