Monday, 15 October 2012

Entangled in your web,
I cry.
Amongst your sheets,
I scream.
Wrapped in your arms,
I lie,
Breathing your love,
I dream.

I found you on a tuesday night,
made love to you on wednesday,
cried like an idiot by 4 am thursday,
became one with you on friday.

Saturday came and rolled without you,
sunday found me back to you.
Monday came and went with you,
Tuesday and wednesday again us two.

Who would have thought that you,
a specimen entirely different from me,
a boy man of twenty five,
would make me feel complete?

I am not saying,
that this week has not been amazing.
But some things are to be devoured quickly,
savoured at the moment,
then discarded appropriately.

Now you are a memory one week gone,
and the smell of your skin on mine,
all washed.
But our times spent together will always be found,
in my memory lanes, in a special corner;

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