Friday, 20 November 2009


Hello inexistent readers and my one follower (thank you very much Ela),

I felt like blabbering today and thought it a good idea because let's face it, I love blabbering and I find that that is where I shine...Anyway, so I will tell you in the form of run-on sentences how I have been sick for the past five days and have been feeling very BLAH. I had really high fever, cold sweats, hot sweats (all kinds of sweats multiplied by two), horrible sore throat, a coughing that felt like knives were being stuck inside my throat (which has now transformed into a disgusting phlegm-filled one) and just body fatigue. I was feeling like shit, but the thing that hurt me most was not the delirious physical pain, it was the normal brush off by my loving boyfriend. He is truly a man's man in the sense that he could chop off his finger and not even feel it, have huge cuts and say "Oh, no worries, it will be alright", etc etc so when I got sick, he did not take it seriously and quite frankly, I think he ignored me.

Well, I'm just the opposite. I am the biggest pansy when it comes to (just about anything) disease and my mind works like a Republican minister, I always think of the worst, apocalypse so a myriad of life-threatening diseases start marching in my head. I complain, I wanna be cuddled, spoiled, you know...I'm a brat, I want to be treated like one from the person I love. So, when the man who supposedly loves me comes to me, feels my 100 degree forehead and says you got nothing, doesn't make me tea, doesn't come to ask me how am doing, then I get upset. Of course, I cried, silently, that's my specialty. However, the disease got worse and it appears on the second day, while I was sleeping, I had such high fever that I was shaking and screaming in my dreams and sweating buckets, so it dawned on him that maybe I truly am sick. He tried to make me feel better by buying me kinder bueno (my favourite chocolate in the whole world, except for Ferrero Rocher..hmmmmm) and Kinder Surprise (i love collecting the little toys because am a little kid) which was nice...I felt good, but only momentarily.

That's when it kind of changed, except for the all-day-in-front-of-computer-playing-games schedule, that one is non-negotiable. At least I got some food out of him (he is a great cook), but then again he fucking bitches at me on the fourth day of my sickness when I am feeling a bit better about how dirty the house is. He is not complaining about the days that I have been sick but for shall we call it, messy habits. I leave food out, I leave clothes all over, I cook too much, blah blah blah. I got upset because first off, who the fuck bitches at you for this kind of stuff while you are sick and secondly, I  try very hard to do everything to please him and do things the way he likes them but it seems pretty hard for me to let go of my messy habits.

Seriously, how the heck do you change man? I do things without realizing them, like that 1/4 full coffee mug on the coffee table, or the half eaten bagel on the counter (actually that's not true, I would never leave a bagel unfinished, I love them too much), or those clothes on the closet bag (I hate throwing clothes on the floor so I always throw them on tables or chairs, even the dining table which drives him crazyyyy).

Anyway, so these are the adventures I have been having these past few days...
Anyone care to share?


Vitania said...

You are too funny.. You can't change them, but next time he is sick, you need to go on vacation. He may see the light..;-)

Feel free to use the images.. just include credits to CL

Ocean drift... said...

I am no dumb thief, of course I will give credits :D

Thank you for the advice, I think I might just take it...:)

zodiac taurus said...

shpresoj te ndihesh me mire keto dite dhe qe te jesh sheruar.