Thursday, 26 November 2009

Sayonara, Montreal!

Well, my last interview as a Research Assistant seems to have not been fruitful as they decided not to hire me so I have decided to leave Montreal for the greener pastures of Toronto where a glamorous job as a clothes-folding girl at RW awaits me. Ah, my career is finally taking off! Well, am excited that am leaving and going back to my family, life, money but at the same time, cannot shake the feeling that am a big time loser. Other people of my age and my position have already found jobs (career ones) while I stay catering to my boyfriend and walking his dogs and cleaning his house and cooking him meals that he does not like and, and, and more ands. I like complaining, as you might have noticed by now, but I also like to believe that they have grounds, you know, I don't like complaining for nothing, I have a reason to do so.

The truth is, I should be complaining more but after years of complaining, I have realized that nothing good comes from it and nothing gets solved so my level of complaining has gone down while my level of trying to do something about it has gone up, but just by a small margin. So, after all this babbling, I am announcing that I don't think there will be a Titleless in Montreal any longer but I might just call it Titleless in Toronto.

What do you  nonexistent readers think about this? And you my loving, loyal, only follower (aka Ela)?

Ahhh, am excited to go back into normal life instead of staying all day home watching movies and hating life...

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eni said...

i think you should just follow your insticts now;)
it`s the best to do;)