Sunday, 1 November 2009

Ode to Broken Hearts

In life, there is one universal truth:
Your heart will be broken, one time or another.
You will cry,
you will be sad,
you will think it is the end of the world,
your chest will hurt,
your eyes will burn,
you will feel like vomiting,
but rest assured, it will pass.

It takes time to get over someone,
it takes time to forget them,
it takes time to heal and feel better again,
it takes time to breathe without hurting,
it takes even more time to find love again,
but rest assured, it will happen.

It takes effort, to cry,
it takes chemistry to let those heavy, salty tears dry
it takes hard work for you to become you again,
it takes love for you to love you again,
but rest assured, you will succeed.

And after all these words,
and after all the advice,
and after all the wise sayings.,
there is nothing that can alleviate your pain right now.

You will hurt,
you will cry,
but you will stop,
one day or another.

Rest assured!

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