Saturday, 19 December 2009

Hello Rachel!

I am in love with Rachel McAdams latest shoot with Vogue. I don't know why but am in love with this D&G dress, I love the colour and the print. The Louboutin heels are also magnificent but the pose is the coupe d'etat of the shoot, it puts it all in such a beautiful way.

And check out this Dior lace top. Luxury and beauty intertwined perfectly. (money, money, money is ringing through my head)

And this "Dior belted organza-and-satin dress with built-in bra" is just extraordinary and for some reason, it invokes the image of Grace Kelly, with that tiny waist and tightly-closed belt.

 It also helps that I love the actress herself and fell even more in love with her from reading the interview (ecstatic that she lives in Toronto, I might just stalk her a bit and put my creepiness to good use lol).

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