Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Enroute to Toronto

Hello inexistent readers,

I am on the bus to Toronto, lying down on two seats, enjoying the beauty of my laptop, watching Julie and Julia, plugging my charger right beside my seat, charging my phone, basically enjoying the awesome amenities that the Megabus of the route Toronto-Montreal provides. Oh yes, I forgot to mention the free wifi that is pretty fast and allows me to write to you at this moment. The only thing that is bothering me are the green lights, but I guess they help with the light of my laptop that could cause eye damage.

There is total darkness outside and it appears to be raining. Yet, I feel as comfortable as I would in my own bed, watching from outside the bedroom window, except that this one is moving and the view is that of Quebec provence (presently, shortly it will be Ontario provence :D). I see trucks passing by that remind me of the Coca-Cola commercial and that increase the melancholy, happy mood that am in. I am excited that am going back to Toronto, am excited for the prospect of beginning a normal life and am saddened by the failure of my relationship. I wonder where the future will take me. Will I be able to have a Julie/Julia Child Project of mine?

When I took this picture, I told my Frenchie friend beside me that this is where I would live one day...still wonder whether it will come true.

I contemplate about my own life as I watch and enjoy this movie and wonder about what I want to do in my own life. I love cooking, I enjoy shopping for groceries much more than for clothes and by God, I love eating. I wonder whether I should follow some kind of path related to cooking as well. But this is not what I have imagined for myself. I have imagined a life of adventure as a writer/photographer for National Geographic. However, the problem lies in the fact that I suck as a writer and am not so sure about my photography skills even though I have gotten some compliments based on my pics from my cellphone shitty camera.
As I watch the Paris scenes, I get reminded of my one day in Paris and how I would have loved to visit Europe during the 1950s. It seems that it would have been a much cheaper, interesting, vibrant and welcoming Europe.

I wonder, I wonder, i wonder....when will I experience instead of wondering?

Ta-ta, inexistent readers :)

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