Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Happiness and me...

Lately, I have been wondering a lot about happiness and what it means. I have discovered that it is a very elusive concept, thing to achieve and also, very subjective which makes it even harder to define; hence, find.
In order to find happiness you need to find yourself, you need to find what makes you truly happy. To find what makes you happy, you need to analyze yourself in entirety, meaning that you have to look at every minuscule part of your personality, everything that makes YOU, analyze it, and then bring the pieces together to analyze the link between you and happiness. Are you lost already? Well, you must be because delving into the depths of you is like mining without headlights, you get lost in the abyss of yourself.

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zodiac taurus said...

"In order to find happiness you need to find yourself"
ke thene gjithcka!!!!