Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Finally got a job!!!

After 6 months of not working, I finally got a job. Even though it is only as a server at a fine-dining steakhouse in downtown Toronto, the opportunity of making good money has got me very excited. This means that I can finally start working at reducing the astounding debt I have accumulated as a student. Life seems more hopeful and beautiful now that the prospect of having money has finally come alive. Let us hope that within a few months, I will be contributing with photos of my own (instead of stolen ones as I do now :p) and articles on interesting aspects such as life in Toronto.

I am thinking of changing my blog to follow a certain path or subject such as the musings of an Albanian girl in Toronto. It might be interesting since I consider myself a pretty interesting person that likes interesting things. Modesty will not be welcomed here anymore lol.