Friday, 16 September 2011

Let it be,
let it be,
for she won't come to me.
The voice,
the drum,
the beating and the hum.

In the light she rests,
the clouds are her dress,
the sun her companion,
the moon her lover.

I'm seeing the edges breaking,
can see her floating,
for she is always there,
to make us bare.

I found her in the water,
I found her in the air,
I found her lost,
but she seemed not to care.

I told her to come over,
I wanted more of her,
she refused to see me,
accused me of being greedy.

Oh love,
why do you always escape me so?
Let me go, let me go...
my desire for you has burnt so...


© ael said...

:) me pelqen sa here vij ne erresiren e blogut tend.

Ocean drift... said...

Flm, Ela. I vleresoj komentet e tua :)