Wednesday, 28 September 2011

And they blew it all on telegrams,
and photograms.

They tore apart the suits,
gave up the green paper drug,
corrected their perspective,
and gave enlightenment a chance.

They thought they were reborn,
blessed the lightbulb in their head,
harnessed the power of peace,
embarked on their journey to nowhere.

I was them and they were me.
I do not know what they could see.
In the road of life they joined me,
but am not sure that we could all see,
the mountain,
the wind,
the stream,
or the bee...the life-pollinating bee!

They became preachers of harmony,
told me stories of the effigy;
the Buddha, the Allah,
the Gaia and Sidhartha.

I listened to them with my third eye open,
for my mind, their logic could not follow.
Their vision, for me too broad,
their love, out of scope.

I tried to listen to their beggings,
but my heart could not handle their wailings,
so I took my green paper drug and suits and left,
and opted for my materialistic cleft.

And in the way back I found,
the mare and the hound,
and all love that is bound,
for nothing is better,
than the beautifully realistic ground.

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