Thursday, 8 September 2011

Hungover state...

Another day staring at a computer screen, all hungover and dried up from the alcohol, your skin burning, your eyes itching, your stomach churning. Days at the office while hungover can be fun, mostly in the form of comatose zero productivity and news browsings, music-listenings, paperclip-filings, and all other various forms of mindless laziness. Then lunch time arrives and you fly off your chair like a hyena ready to attack the food court for your choice of prey, all in the attempt to fill in the hole left over by the insane amount of alcohol consumed the night before. Ah, the beauty of abusing one's body.

Nothing better than some good skull-splitting headache, heavenly body tremors and some delish serious stomach pains. Wait, the beauty doesn't end there either. Then you get to deal with people telling you that you look as if you have been dead for the past two weeks, all day!!!! On top of that, you get to deal with the many mistakes that you will make during your day at work which adds to your work, your misery and your hard-earned misfortune. Ah dear, dear, old, partying soul!

During all this, you tell yourself never again...only to do it again come 6pm. The life of a young professional is hard, my friends. You got debts to deal with, dreams to crush, debts to attempt paying, bodies trying to connect and failing miserably, and oh- yes, the constant struggle at trying to achieve your so-said potential and your bosses' demands. All of this while trying to look like you're the shit....'cause in the end, they all tell you that you are, it is the politically correct thing to do. However, whether you are or not, am afraid, it all ends up being categorically determined by your spiritualistic, emotional, mental and most importantly, materialistic achievements.

The chance to do well is high, but the chance to fuck up is higher. And fate would have it, that hungover or not, you just happen to increase your chances of mindless and hopeless fuckupery by continuing your lifestyle of self-abuse. I for one, am the best example. And believe me, self-abuse kind of consists of everything and anything...Bite your nails? Self-abuse! Look at the guy you like but got no guts to ask out? Self-abuse! So, you see, self-abuse is all-encompassing in the web of life. Hence, do not be afraid of it. Embrace it! Love it like it's your unborn baby (cause it comes with just about the same pains) and cherish it and feed it and let it be because in the end, you got no say in the matter. Well, perhaps a bit. But us losers and lazy bums, prefer to blame it all on the universe.

So....don't be afraid to sin, you will need it to make it in this life.

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