Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Her or me...

In her arms I fell,
In her chest I broke,
In her ears I spoke.

In her mouth I breathed,
In her soul I tilled,
In her mind I chilled,
In her voice I screamed.

In her life I found,
the mare and the hound,
the lover on the ground,
the tree and the sound,
the cheeks all browned.

She heard me say,
that my lover is May,
that my heart is in disarray,
that I know only how to betray,
that I will go away,
and leave her in peace, I say.

I don't know what will be,
but she might as well just leave me,
for I know that in the present,
the past will forever be.

My lover,
my dream.
Oh, my angry stream!

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