Sunday, 30 January 2011


I just watched the movie The Romantics. I had never heard of it and I clicked on it because I thought the poster or movie picture seemed interesting and also, the title. Plus, I was just looking for some kind of romantic, melodramatic movie to see and thought this would satiate some of the thirst. I was did.

However, I was surprised to find that critics did not agree. I read one review and although I liked the way the review was written and agree with most observations, I would disagree with its conclusion that the movie, just like its characters, is exactly as the main guy says in one scene: "We are all uninspired.". Well, let me tell you, I was inspired precisely because of this particular speech/one-liner. I was inspired to write here. That should say something...especially for somebody like me who is lazy and never wants to write....afraid of not being a good enough writer, much like one of the characters in the movie.

I wanted to say that if you do randomly see this movie somewhere and you are turned off by the reviews, don't be. Watch it! I liked the cliche story (although more twisted than most romantic ones), the dark undertones, the melodrama, the scenery, the dynamics between the characters, the sappy indie love songs, the  hipster clothes (so true to today's after-college society), the dialogues and even the cheesy poem-reciting. I liked it all. Maybe because my own life resonates with theirs, maybe because I can understand the duality or ambiguity of emotions and actions of each character and I appreciate the low-budget camera work that seems to give it personality and intimacy, I like it all. In fact, I wonder...why is it getting such bad reviews?
Could I possibly be so shallow and superficial? Perhaps. However, I still wonder why the author of the review at Slant Magazine would call the movie "turgid faux indie". I agree that it might give the feeling of fakeness, as if it is trying so hard to be indie and perhaps it is. However, it is still beautiful and thoughtful and I just don't understand why it would be viewed as so superficial. Perhaps I am not deep enough. Or perhaps, movie critics cannot shed their bias towards celebrities and properly appreciate an indie, even though its cast is choke-full of celebrities. Perhaps...

There are a lot of guessing in this post....but one thing is for sure: I liked the movie just as much as I liked its soundtrack. In fact, I would like to say that when it comes to movie, it's always best to watch it yourself and be your own judge. Movies are art; therefore, very subjective and personal. Don't let somebody dictate what you should like or feel...don't follow it, even though I always use it as a guide in my choices so am being a bit hypocritical here. You watch it and you judge for yourself....and the analysis? Well, you leave that to those who do that for a living, those whose profession is to do so. Your purpose in watching the movie is to enjoy it. That is this review as well, maybe this way you are able to better understand the movie and your own feelings or judgements.

Happy watching!

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