Friday, 7 January 2011

Starbucks at Brookfield Place

Dear non-existent readers,

Things have changed and I now work for a consulting firm (that just opened a new office in Saudi Arabia, me very interested <3) located in TD Canada Tower, Brookfield Palace. It is a fancy, beautiful, grandious place with fantastic architecture and a rich history. It makes sense to have all of the above, especially since this is the tallest building in Toronto and also the Wall Street of Canada.

Also, you can imagine that this is the hub of suit-wearing, coffee-jugging finance guys and girls...or better said, men and women. Brookfield Place, unlike the other surrounding buildings, has all of the tops CEOs so it's mostly middle-aged to older men and women.

 There are few young men and ladies, but the few that are...are smartly dressed and oh-so snobby, everyone tries to look more serious and important than they are (yours truly included). However, what I would like to share is the craziness that goes on in the morning. Everyday at the time between 8:30am-9:30am, you see these same rich, smartly-dressed, serious people attack Starbucks like hyenas and fight over milk/coffee cream/ half&half at the sugar table, the whole thing is quite a sight. The table is a mess, the jugs are empty and we are yelling as to where are the new ones because we all need our caffeine fix and we all need to go back to our office to keep on slaving away in front of a computer screen so our companies can make money, consequently, us.

Yes, corporate life is hilariously serious. Just another day in the life of Canada's most depressed city...

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