Monday, 24 January 2011


You know what is the allure and beauty of cafes? The fact that for three bucks (the standard price of an americano or large coffee), you get to sit inside a cute place for three hours or more, laugh it out with friends, have the time of your life playing cards, study, stalk, stare, observe, watch movies on your laptop, chat with friends, browse the internet, meet people, have a date, have a meeting, have everything....just for three bucks!!!

Let's also mention that cool cafes that are of quality, will not only have good quality java, but they will also provide decent sweets and good food. Yes, cafes are what students love, people love, I love...and for good  reason. Reread the paragraph above. Where else can you do all of that - almost the same stuff you can do at the comfort of your home - for such a low price? You go to a restaurant, you are almost guaranteed to pay 15 bucks and above and definitely feel awkward if you linger for more than an hour. In a cafe, the social rules are more relaxed, the people are friendlier, the atmosphere more lively and yet somehow soothing, the opportunity to meet a cute stranger, definitely higher.

I had an amazing time yesterday at Aroma Espresso Bar, a chain cafe in Toronto that gives good food, good pastries and pretty good coffee. You order the food and coffee, wait for your name to be called and then you pick it up; basically self-serve. The interior is red, the seats are red, the tables black and the people? Well, the people range from young adults to the elderly...but there is one consistency though, these are mostly fashionable, well-dressed, well-off peeps. You gotta make the bucks to come to this cafe for it is not cheap. However, it is still worth least for the convos :)

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