Thursday, 16 December 2010

Wish List

What is on your wish list? Do you have one? I have never really had a wish list...never was that organized. However, I do know that if i were to list my wishes, they would be quite long and they would be divided into material and emotional wishes. The material one would be quite long, the emotional, maybe a bit shorter (maybe!), but both, pretty long. I have a lot to wish this year but also a lot to be thankful for. Where did this year run to? I feel like it was only yesterday that I was here writing about Christmas and its depressing mood. This year, it is much better, thank you. Now I am employed by a consulting firm that has offices all over the world (Middle East, here I come!), I still am pretty bad in finances but doing much better, at least a buck for a coffee I got...Also, this year, although I don't have someone that loves me, I also don't have someone to hurt me. I have friends, I am moving out (yesssss!!!) and all in all, am full in hope. So now that I think about it, maybe my material list is way longer than my emotional one :)

If you are feeling generous this season and would like to sponsor my happiness in procuring me with the below items, please feel free to do so. I welcome it, as usual!

Pedro Almodovar: Pedro Classics Collection        

I want them so badly. The first one is cashmere and I can dream about being wrapped up in it, feel the warmth of its softness and colours...

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