Tuesday, 1 March 2011

I see...perhaps not!

I see it,
I see it with
the corner of my eye.
That change,
that change that is
lurking around the corner.

I feel it,
I feel it coming nearer,
that much-awaited moment,
that storm of activity
you have been craving,
that love of desire
you've been creating,
that thing you call future.

I see it,
I see it now,
yes, it's clear as day,
I feel it,
I feel it now,
no, it's not there yet,
but you will soon feel its presence
and then,
I will hear you say,
the convulsions of achieving what you want
are too damn distressing.


Ael said...

do te doja vertet te dija se kush je!
Po, edhe me kaq mjaftohem :)

Ocean drift... said...

hahaha, flm....jam e sigurte qe kenaqesia do ishte plotesisht e imja...ok, maybe a bit exaggerated, am sure you would enjoy it too lol