Friday, 4 March 2011

Now, Now...
Don't go thinking you can win,
not in this life, pal.
Don't argue with life's cruelties,
they will chew you up and spit you out,
yes, just like that asshole who just spit on the floor.

Let me tell you,
life is something you live everyday,
it's a bitch you want to fuck
but you can never have.
Yeah, that's right, you heard me,
you can't have her, man.
Why? 'Cause life is unpredictable,
it will throw you curveballs
that even the best baseball player can't catch.

Life is a human,
a beautiful mess of imperfections,
intertwined morals and emotions,
twisted like the roots of a tree.

Yeah, just live it one day at a time,
that's all you can do.
Hear me out, am telling ya,
you can't fuck this bitch.
Stop trying!
Let her come to you,
and then the fun comes...

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