Thursday, 31 March 2011

In the end they win...or is it you?

I saw you in the window glass,
you looked good.
In your Anne Klein skirt,
your maroon heels,
your navy mesh tights,
and your strong walk.

I saw you and did not recognize you,
did not know who this girl was.
Did not know who you thought you were,
perhaps not who you seem,
perhaps not who you want to be,
perhaps somebody else entirely.

Why are you so multifaceted?
Why this embellishment of self?
Why this self-preserved broken surface?
Tell me one thing and one thing only:
What do you want?
Do you want to be the successful hottie
walking the halls of Allen Galleria?
Do you want to be the simpleton
traveling the corners of the world instead?
What do you want?
Why is it so hard for you to answer?

What is it about this duality that persists in you?
Is the corporate world tempting you, misleading you,
engulfing your being in believing that money and power
are the only way to succeed and make a difference?
Be heard? Be loved? Be respected? Be appreciated?

My little girl,
why are you so broken?
Why are you so weak and flawed?
Why are you so easily tempted?
Why are you so humanly swayed into
believing things that are not you?
Who are you?
I know you can't answer...
But maybe through actions,
you can....

Do something,
Love yourself...

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