Tuesday, 8 February 2011


Throw me that rock,
throw it at me,
smash my heart,
kill my brain,
just fucking take me out of my misery.

And when you're done,
wipe your hands,
i hate dirt,
on good shirts.

Yes, am talking to you goodlooking,
man with style,
sweet words and honey...
instead of honesty and love.

Am talking to you,
man who broke my heart,
am talking to you,
coward who can't ask me out,
am talking to you,
disgusting player.
Yes, am talking to all you men out there
who take and think they give
who love but instead they hurt
who are heartless but instead they play the lover.

Am talking to you, human beings.
Kill this heart,
smash my brain,
for you have all disappointed me.
But life continues...

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