Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Fashion Overload

So, I just realized that we are going through some kind of fashion overload. Crazy styles everywhere, crazy obsession with anything fashionable and guess what, same kind of eclectic in every magazine, every article, every outfit, every selections of interior design, book design, you name it. It is the same different thing everywhere. What do I mean? I mean, the selection of eclectic styles or clothing has the same kind of mixes, same kind of colour arrangement and quite interestingly, same kind of people as well.

You see that ponytail and this seemingly eclectic look? Well, almost every girl in the street has it and it makes me wonder...maybe I'm not the only one following blogs. I am quite bright in realizing this so soon, huh? (laughs at oneself)

Am not saying I don't like it, but at the same time, I don't like liking what everyone else likes. I like liking things that not everybody likes, it makes me feel unique without having me to try them out in real life and stand out and having to deal with weird looks or just looks in general. Also, in most of the fashion blogs that I follow (I realized my like has a pattern, maybe that's why they are all the same) the ads of all those famous fashion blogs involve vintage/hipster online clothing stores. So, I had this idea. What I am gonna do with my precious time (instead of reading my million books, seeing my million movies and going out incessantly) I will be reviewing every single ad on my saved fashion blogs and make a note on which online store has the cheapest and cutest and most fashionable clothes. How about that, fellow superficial beings?

There you go....if this doesn't make me famous now that we have included fashion in this ungodly depressed blog, now we got a chance at getting some readers. We will probably lose some followers, but who gives a shit, fame is the objective here. And of course, pursuit of superficiality and frivolity and anything that is beautiful. I might make fun of it, but to be honest, I do find it beautiful and I do crave it (fashion, that is). So as much as I am partaking in a bit of perversive masochism in my "likes", I think I am looking forward to my project.

Are you, my inexistent reader, maybe future-existent-reader?


Ael said...

still alive?

Ocean drift... said...

Yes....who are you, Ael? :)

Ael said...

Ela, lexuesja e rregullt e blogut tend :).