Wednesday, 14 July 2010

You broke my heart, today...
Don't know how you managed it,
since you had broken it
ten thousand times before...
but somehow,
you managed to
break it again...

It took months
to repair some of it
and with one
swift lashing of your tongue,
you cut it in pieces
and you slashed it
and you broke it.

You threw upon me
a volcano of mean words,
you left the ashes of your silence
to suffocate me and then...
you apologized
and like the sun
coming through the ash cloud ,
you let me breathe again.

You managed
to accomplish
all this in 35minutes....

That, is the quickest catastrophe
I have ever heard of...
that of the killing of a heart.

But then again,
under a court of law,
you would not
be penalized
because you managed
to kill the same heart again...

But then again,
under the court of humanity,
you have committed
a grave crime...
there is nothing graver
than killing somebody's soul....

But then again,
hearts are broken
and re-broken
and regenerated
for love is just that...
a continuing flow
of pain and happiness
of life and regeneration,
a fluid that fills your heart
and drains it
and fills it
and re-drains it.

This is why,
even when you're broken,
you are never bored...
for ever-changing.