Monday, 31 May 2010

I find that at often times, I am most inspired to write when I am exhausted and is nearly dawn, I have a cigarette between my lips (after having smoked countless) and the bitter taste of it overtakes my mouth and doesn't give me any pleasure, and yet I cannot stop smoking. It is at these moments that I feel most the need to write. It is after a long night of working all day, dealing with family problems, partying, being ditched by friends at a club while you are at a washroom, having to take the bus home for two hours at 3am, that life seems...painfully and beautifully adventurous and meaningful. I can see the sky getting brighter, the sun will wake up in a few hours and its presence, gives me a feeling full of life. I have the day off tomorrow or I should say, today since it's 5am. I am exhausted, upset, uninspired and my feet hurt incredibly so. I danced, I worked, I laughed, I sucked up to customers, I made money, I spent all the money made and here I am, in front of a computer, writing nonsense. What is life? Damn it, why do I feel the need to ask this question at 5 in the morning? 

How does the common person feel at such an hour, after all that was transcribed above? I am tired...but not sleepy. What is this state? How do you describe it or explain it? Bahhh, triviality is my constant companion in writing. I feel like I have nothing worthy to share...and yet, here I am sharing. What can you share?
Are you willing to share???

Give me a piece of your life....I want the exchange!

Here is another cigarette...

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