Friday, 14 May 2010

There are certain things that cannot go unnoticed. One is a gorgeous woman, the other, is an ugly woman. Both are two ends of the beauty spectrum and yet, something unites them, the fact that they are women, they are human, they are individuals with dreams, desires, imperfections and god knows what else. In most cases, a woman will be in between of those two ends, but there are times when one can exceed the limit of the edges based on their behaviour. A true ugly woman is one who does not necessarily have an ugly face, but definitely an ugly personality. And a true beautiful woman is one who does not necessarily have a beautiful face, but a great personality. In this world, you can pass by with a smile, with jokes, kindness and wits if you let them be your primary factors of life. If you lack any of the above, make sure you take care of that pretty face or you are doomed. If you are lucky to have both, are one freak of nature.

Don't let superficiality rule your life. Let those countless beauty magazines say whatever they want, you pay attention to the magnificent things that move you, focus on your goodness and you will be happy, content, and beautiful in every way.

Those are my two cents of the day....

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