Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Tirana Year Zero

I thought of dedicating this blog to the movie that I watched yesterday which deeply touched me. However, the movie inspired me to actually dedicate this to the earth where I drew my first breath, the place where I first walked, and the air where I uttered my first word; Albania. I am not a patriot; on the contrary, I have a constant love-hate relationship (shifting more on the hate, but shhtt, I don't want the Albanians to hear me) with this part of the world which I am forced to call it home. I am no longer an Albanian as now I wear the title of Canadian citizen; however, this place still comprises the bigger part of my personality and soul since I spent there 15 years of my life, from birth till teenagehood. Most people do not know Albania and I do not blame them. I don't know very well most of the countries in Africa either (which is quite shameful on my part since I'm majoring in geography, but shtt, don't let my professors hear you).

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