Sunday, 12 May 2013

"The Suggestive 5am Frame of Mind"

As my fellow-flirter/old-university friend and I exchange messages back and forth, the analysis of his use of "Hmms" in text messages provokes the creation and debate of the concept of "the suggestive 5am frame of mind". Dirty thoughts coupled with long-harbored feelings of sexual attraction seem to form clearer shapes and come out to play playfully and erotically suggestively. But what is my suggestive 5am frame of mind? It is a mix of hide and seek, a ping pong of witty remarks thrown here and there to provoke a reaction; albeit sexual or flirty in nature. We throw around comebacks like professional tennis players, each adamant on winning; as if the game of wits was the ultimate Wimbledon. But what is his suggestive 5am frame of mind? That remains to be seen...or discovered and further analyzed at a future match of suggestive exchanges.

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