Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Nomadic Weekend

I spent the weekend in one pair of clothes. I walked and walked and walked in the rain, in the cold. I was angry, at times entertained, at times amused, and other times...just plain old feeling of blah.

It was an interesting weekend. I pet beautiful dogs who were congregated in a corner at Trinity Park, impatiently awaiting their turn for their picture to be taken. Fido definitely knows how to get dogs come to them...especially when the reason is a casting call for their new commercial.

I drank a lot of coffee this weekend. Not enough alcohol. Surprisingly, first weekend where I am sober...and then monday comes and true to my late tradition, I get drunk. This time, I blame it on my date who kept on feeding me alcohol on an empty stomach...or do I blame myself for thirsting beer so much? No clue. No reason. Perhaps...just old simple thirst.

Have you ever been to Trinity Bellwoods Park in Toronto? Am sure not, inexistent reader. But here's a quiet introduction...