Sunday, 23 October 2011

As I lay....
she came to me.
Came to me like the white moonlight;
lulled me to sleep,
and awoke me to my dreams.

She tore off the head of my shyness,
broke off the limbs of my weakness,
set fire to my desires,
and clobbered my pseudo-nisms.

I was neither there, neither here.
I was perhaps a threshold of betweens.
I was enamoured with her sadism,
but fortunately,
she was more interested in my masochism.

I know she was and still is,
the light of day,
the dark of night.
I know she does not think of anything,
while I get ready to set flight,
to the dreams she instilled in me,
while the legacy she left roams free.
I find her everywhere,
but she does not want to find me....

Oh, fortune or misfortune,
whatever you may be called.
I summon thee to my soul,
so this frailty you can hold.
I crave your adventure,
your whips of experimentalisms,
your sounds of the present,
your slaps of futurisms.

I know she was cruel,
but her cruelty I needed.
She knew that toughness,
with sadness can be succeeded.
I cursed her many times,
but couldn't deny her force.
Her charms and tempations,
I needed them...
I needed them to be coarse.

I know she is everywhere,
I know she hides from me well.
If you know dear stranger,
where is she, praytell?

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