Monday, 1 August 2011

August 1, 2011

31 degrees celsius of hotness,
wind to wipe off the heat
from time to time.
Lots of people at starbucks,
and me,
helping myself to some alone time.
BOn Iver in the background,
the deep sound penetrating thoughts,
instilling emotions,
and showcasing moments.

I want a lover and a best friend,
a man that can hold my hand,
without being afraid of attachment
and nonsensical emotional demands.
I want someone who can withstand,
the gravity of my eccentricity,
the pull of depravity,
the tenderness of my wholesome sensitivity.
Only couples, in this goddamn place,
their presence irks me,
their connection enrages me,
and their love saddens me.
I want someone to love and be loved,
I want a lover to hold,
a mind to explore,
a heart to devote.

This post makes no sense,
but I want to post it nonetheless.

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