Thursday, 14 July 2011

Ramble II

Whoa, Whoa,
You can't be feeling this way.
Don't allow the misery to enter.
Come on, girl. You know better than that.
Yet, you let the waves overtake you,
you let the pain break you,
and the people hurt you.

Darling, life is tough.
You can't deny it, stop it, nor drop it.
You can only accept it and and then hang on with grit.
You can tell me to hold some of weight,
this way you'll pull through.

Let this be a lesson, dear girl.
Life is tough, but so are you.
You are a weed in a strong stream
and you do not let the current take you
for your roots are strong,
and your dreams long,
and you know this is where you belong.
In this strong current,
you have your people throng,
to make you not forlorn.

Girl, girl...weep not,
regret not,
cry not,
instead laugh lots,
give smile shots,
and lifebolts
to the colts
that surround your lot.

Now go play,
'cause life doesn't wait...

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