Monday, 16 July 2012

If only I could be sexy and irresistible with just my words, my brain and my ideas. But we are visual creatures and so, visible body imperfections cause an instinctive repulsion that we cannot help. I guess, this is part of mother nature's cruel legacy of survival of the fittest; in this case, the prettiest.

I had these thoughts when I came across, yet another artsy, HIGH FASHION picture of yet-another magazine editor who seem to have such pressures in keeping up with the industry's parameters of the edgiest, sexiest, most fashionable women. Can't there be an editor who does not care if she is cellulite-free, or if she is wearing the latest edgy design by the fashion designer of the moment? Must we always fall under the fallacy that we have to personify what we preach? Is this a fashion ad hominem or just common sense? Or just pressure? Or just the way things are? Can you reach a conclusion through these questions? I don't know, I know I can't!

Credit: Interview magazine editor and Naomi Campbell (photo taken from Interview Magazine).

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