Wednesday, 14 December 2011 slump day!

The body is abused, very abused today. It is feeling the aftershocks of last night's consumption of four pints of beer, 6 shots of Jameson and no food in the stomach. The heart is doing much worse. Yes, this is a diary entry and a sappy one and I just do not know how else do we learn about things if not through experiences of our own? I'm a bit too self-consumed though. Anyway, let me finish about last night.

I went out. I finally convinced my two Albanian girlfriends to come out with me with the promise that I would hook them up with my new group of Canadian boys who have become my partners-in-party lately. One of them I met in a bar and became friends with the rest of his group, all boys. All Canadian boys....
Well, let me tell ya about Canadian boys. They are polite and politically correct, but only up till the moment they no longer need you. They are good friends, generally. They are good men, good bros, and perhaps good lovers. They could even be good boyfriends but obviously am generalizing...

I got drunk. Pretty drunk. Stupidly so, since I had not planned to be. But as usual, to quiet the screams of pain, I chugged and chugged beer. It sounds depressing and self-mutilating this behaviour, no? Well, let me tell ya, I have turned it into an art of socializing and so-called-living-the-life. I stumble into people violently, demand interesting conversation with my insightful and shameless questions, break open their shyness with distinct fervour for I want a human connection. I am not interested in anything but human connections.

This year has been my debauchery year. But debauchery is my means of humanist experimentalism, digging of human psyche, my own specifically.

I am the cosmos and the others are me. I feel all this while I am listening to live music in a bar full of people.

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