Thursday, 9 June 2011

Tall order of Perfection, please!


Americans seem to have this obsession with perfection, an imaginary idea that they strive for, fight for, lie for, even to themselves, but especially to others. They are constantly in pursuit of happiness - as it says in their constitution - but in actuality, it is perfection they strive for. They are convinced that the two are equal, are inseparable; hence, their constant pursuit. They are under the impression that the only life worth living is one where you are always successful, have the best clothes, best body, prettiest smile, most gorgeous car, best education, loveliest and smartest children. They love to compete and especially, with themselves. They are a weird bunch...but oh, so interesting. They have this obsession with always being politically correct, always saying the right thing, doing the right, projecting the right image and in my opinion it all goes back to their pursuit of perfection; sorry, meant to say happiness. They are under the illusion that perfection can be achieved, if only one works hard enough and tries hard enough. I am afraid they fail to notice that perfection cannot exist in this world and this is due to a very simple fact: we are human. I know it is so cliche to say, but it is true. And after all, that's what cliches are, just over-repeated truths. They want the latest gadgets, the biggest homes, the best clothes, the largest meals, the most in overabundance.

They want it all, friends. And why shouldn't they? They work hard enough for it. They have developed a philosophy of life that is entirely reliant on the individual, a freeing and debilitating way of life that is oh-so-solitary. You work long hours to achieve these materialistic dreams dictated by "society" or AKA, multinational corporations.

I am part of this intricate web of self-deceit and antagonizing freedom of self. I work for a multinational company, work in the hub of wall street Canada and I feel so...detached, so not able to cope with the glazed and corrupt look of materialistic perfection and high gloss. I wonder many times whether I want to follow the same dream...

This reflection will have to continue tomorrow.

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