Saturday, 2 January 2010

I find in dark times, we need some good music, infinite supply of coffee/beer/wine/etc and a friend who you can rely to bother him/her at the oddest hours of the day, calling frequently to share the immediately impulsive, stupidest things in your mind that are incredibly trivial to the person you are sharing them with, but insanely important to you at that moment. You also need a comfy bed since you will be spending quite a bit of time there, preferably a laptop to research sappy songs, stalk your ex, read love articles, blogs, writing atrocities on facebook, stalking your ex some more and enjoying some movies. This process does not have a defined time limit, it depends on the person on how long it will last and it also depends on the person on the order of how things will get done during the process.

At the end of this journey, the person needs to finish with a long shower to take away the grime of procrastination/self-deprecation/hibernation and end up with getting dressed nicely and going out for a drink with friends.

The process might be a recurred theme for some, but it will disappear once the hangover of failed relationship is gone or when new romance is in sight.

For those with different steps in the process of getting over someone, please notify me of some interesting/weird/funny/crazy ones. Am all ears for anything new....

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Erika said...

Good music and coffee are definitely the two things I rely on in dark times!! :)